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Brierty is committed to the health and safety of its people and strongly believes all incidents are preventable.

A strong reporting culture and a hunger for continuous improvement has produced a constant reduction in all injury frequency rates to well below industry standard through thorough investigation and root cause analysis to prevent a re-occurrence.

Brierty recognises the importance of ensuring all projects have a robust environmental management system to ensure legislative compliance and to cement our role in sustaining the environment for future generations.

Brierty prides itself on delivering a quality product on time. Through the pursuit of continuous improvement and the use of a combination of tried and proven methods with emerging technologies, we ensure the product always meets or exceeds specification.

Our HSEQ systems are certified to:

Our management lead by example and encourage personnel to take ownership of HSEQ in their workplace, at Brierty everyone matters and we can all make a difference.

TRIFR – 2.63