Boddington Accommodation Village & Preload Earthworks

Client: Newmont Gold Corporation 
EPCM: Aker Kvaerner Clough Murray & Roberts Joint Venture
Location: Boddington, WA
Start Date: April 2006
End Date: October 2006
Value: $5 million

As part of the Boddington Gold Mine Expansion, this project comprised the works associated with the bulk earthworks for the new accommodation village situated on Old Soldiers Road, and the preloading earthworks at selected areas within the plant site.

Accommodation Village Bulk Earthworks

Works included carrying out earthworks, drainage and preliminary roadworks for a new 1,800 person accommodation village including:

  • Supply and installation of stock fences and gates;
  • Preparing topsoil stockpile areas and disposal sites;
  • Undertaking clearing and topsoil stockpiling;
  • Constructing cut off drain on western extremity of the works including other drainage facilities;
  • Supply and installation of service conduits; and
  • Supply of all materials for the works

Plant Site Preload

Carrying out of all preloading earthworks required on selected areas within the plant site using preload material provided including:

  • Identification, protection and relocation of services as specified;
  • Preparation of borrow areas and haul roads including maintaining these during the construction period;
  • Preparation of topsoil stockpile and demolition disposal sites and access for the works;
  • Undertaking clearing and topsoils stockpiling where required disposing material to nominated areas as directed;
  • Removing concrete and other remnants of demolition on the project area; and
  • Installation of geotechnical monitoring and measuring instruments