Boddington RDA Stage 1B Construction

Client: BGM Management Company Pty Ltd
Location: Boddington Gold Mine, Southwest WA
Start Date: September 2007
End Date: May 2008
Value: $18.6 million

This project was part of the Boddington Gold Mine Expansion. Works included clearing topsoil, bulk earthworks, clay lining, residue disposal area, and tailings system.

Brierty was contracted to undertake the earthworks and site preparation for the construction of approx 1,000,000m2 of HDPE liner and associated works.

The extent of the work included:

  • Topsoil stripping approx 330,000.00m3;
  • Construction material (sand, gravel, clay) harvesting;
  • Preparation of compacted clay liners (CCL) approx 1,000,000m2;
  • Expansion of main embankment approx 280,000m3;
  • Reshaping existing secondary embankments;
  • Decant causeway construction;
  • Stillways construction;
  • Underdrainage construction;
  • Underdrainage sump construction; and
  • Borehole decommissioning capping and monitoring bores instrument installation