FMG Siding 6.5 Earthworks

Client: Fortescue Metals Group
Location: North West, WA
Start Date: November 2011
End Date: February 2012
Value: $10.5 million

The project is part of FMG's T155 Solomon Rail Expansion Project which comprises the development of new iron ore mines at deposits known as Firetail and Kings on Greenfield sites approximately 60km north of Tom Price, in addition to capacity upgrades at the existing Cloudbreak and Christmas Creek mines.

Brierty were contracted to undertake Bulk Earthworks and Site Access Roads encompassing the earthworks for the following:

  • Compressor Car Spur and Locomotive Provisioning Facility;
  • Fuel Loading Siding;
  • RMT road alignment;
  • Internal access roads, hard stands, and future infrastructure pads;
  • Drainage requirements; and
  • service infrastructure trenches and culverts