Port Hedland Intersection Upgrade

Client: Main Roads WA
Location: Port Hedland, WA
Start Date: June 2009
End Date: January 2010
Value: $6.7 million

These works were undertaken to facilitate the new general cargo facility being constructed at Utah Point in the Port Hedland harbour. The existing facility ceased operation mid to late 2009 and commercial vehicles were diverted to the Utah Point facility located on the opposite side of the Port Hedland harbour.

The majority of the works were constructed under live traffic conditions. Traffic movement was critical to the execution of the works with triple and quad road trains (vehicle count per day anticipated to be in excess of 20,000) phased opening of completed sections.

The project comprised realignment, reconstruction and widening of Great Northern Highway and associated side roads in the town of Port Hedland between Goldsworthy Rail Crossing and Bell Street.

Works included:

  • Traffic Management;
  • Vegetation Clearing;
  • Bulk Earthworks;
  • Culverts and drainage;
  • Kerbing;
  • Bituminous Surfacing;
  • Asphalt Surfacing; and
  • Pavement Marking