Ravensthorpe Nickel

Client: BHP Billiton
Location: Ravensthorpe, WA
Start Date: March 2006
End Date: May 2007
Value: $31.1 million

This project comprised the clearing and pre-stripping of topsoil, and construction of haul roads and included:

  • Development and maintenance of temporary roads to provide access to defined areas and key facilities;
  • Clearing of designated areas for stockpiling and storage of vegetation and topsoil;
  • Grubbing of farmland topsoil from designated stockpile areas to the existing farmland topsoil stockpile;
  • Clearing and grubbing of vegetation from defined areas;
  • Relocating cleared vegetation to footprint(s) of waste dump(s) and/or to designated topsoil stockpiles;
  • Clearing and grubbing of topsoil (up to 150mm thick) from defined areas;
  • Hauling topsoil to designated topsoil stockpiles;
  • Construction of permanent mining roads; and
  • Site dust suppression of the stripping and stockpiling areas and on surface haul roads from the stripping areas to the stockpiles, including standpipes.

The project was undertaken in accordance with BHP Billiton’s stringent occupational health and safety and environmental management requirements under the Fatal Risk Control Protocol process.

In the Contractor Monthly Site HSE Audit conducted on 17 May 2006, Brierty Contractors scored a compliance rating of 95.9% for its health, safety and environmental performance on the project.