Indee Gold

Client: Range River Gold
Location: West Pilbara, WA
Start Date: March 2006
End Date: March 2008
Value: $20 million

The Indee Gold Project is located approximately 80km south west of Port Hedland, 25km north of Whim Creek and 8km east from the North West Coastal Highway in Western Australia. The first gold ingot from the mine was poured in August 2006. Brierty were contracted to undertake the mining services for Stage One of Indee’s development.

The works included:

  • Open cut mining operations to a maximum initial depth of around 100m on the Withnell and Camel orebodies;
  • Clearing and stripping;
  • Haul road construction;
  • Site earthworks;
  • Bulk earthworks component;
  • Selective ore mining; and
  • Dewatering

Bulk and selective mining plant being on the project included:

  • 1 x PC1250 Excavator
  • 5 x Komatsu 785-3 Dump Trucks
  • 1 x Caterpillar D9N Dozer
  • 1 x Caterpillar 14H Grader
  • 1 x Caterpillar 773D Water Truck
  • 1 x Caterpillar 972 Loader
  • 2 x GD5000 Drill Rigs
  • 1 x 60 t Digger
  • 3 x 40t Articulated trucks