Telfer Treatment Ponds

Client: Newcrest Mining Limited
Location: Telfer, WA
Start Date: March 2006
End Date: September 2006
Value: $0.5 million

The project involved civil works associated with the Telfer Treatment Ponds including:

  • Clearing and topsoil stripping;
  • Load and haul of borrow material for embankment earthworks;
  • Construction of a new lined primary treatment pond;
  • Construction of a new unlined evaporation pond;
  • Diversion drains;
  • Raising and trimming of the existing embankments to defined levels;
  • Placement of gravel sheeting to the new and existing embankments;
  • Removal of existing perimeter fencing to the east side of the existing ponds;
  • Construction of a new fence to match existing;
  • Supplying of all as-constructed records for the project; and
  • Management of construction sequences, pond water levels and bypass flows