Telfer Underground Access Road

Client: Newcrest Mining Limited
Location: Telfer, WA
Start Date: May 2006
End Date: June 2006
Value: $2.2 million

This project involved the construction of an underground haul road approximately 1700m in length. The road works were constructed from the vicinity of sump 2 located on the 4475 level to the crusher station located at the shaft area on the same level. The area in which the road was construction had varying gradients of 2% with the size of the underground excavation of approximately 6.3m wide to 5.8 high.

The construction methodology was as follows:

  • Removal of existing running surface to bed rock using dozer, truck and loader;
  • Road base material levelled and compacted to client specifications;
  • Application of 300mm of cement stabilised road base in two by 150mm layers and compacted to client specification;
  • Road surface with a 2% cross-fall to the side drains located on the designated side of the road; and
  • Establishment of a side drain 500mm deep on the designated side of the road by a grader.