Western Turner Syncline Stage 2

Client: Rio Tinto
Location: Tom Price, WA
Start Date: June 2014
End Date: December 2018
Value: $300 million

The Western Turner Syncline Stage 2 (WTS2) project is located 12kms East of Rio Tinto’s existing Western Turner Syncline Stage 1 project West of Tom Price.

The WTS2 project is a greenfields operation requiring the establishment of site access roads, non process infrastructure and haul roads. The mine is expected to produce 7million tonnes per annum of ore over the 4.5 year contract.

Works include:

  • Design and construction of sealed 12km haul road;
  • Design and construction of permanent NPI facilities;
  • Clearing, removal and stockpiling of topsoil;
  • Drill and blast;
  • Train Loading;
  • Excavation, loading, hauling and stockpiling of ore and waste;
  • Haul road construction and maintenance;
  • Road haulage of ROM ore from WTS2 12 km to conveyor at WTS1
  • Surface drainage; and
  • Dewatering Bore maintenance and management