Why Join Brierty

At Brierty we understand that your success is our success. We strive to create an environment where individuals can realise their potential and where innovation is valued and teamwork is the modus operandi.

We have a great company culture and once you begin working with us you'll understand what it is that makes us different. A recent employee survey highlighted that our employees really enjoy the people they work with, are proud to be a Brierty employee and are confident that Brierty are headed in the right direction.

Brierty also "walk the talk" when it comes to training and developing people in the business - we invest in the growth of our people.

Our competitive salaries reflect the market conditions and the level of skills and experience we need to deliver certainty for our customers. Individual contributions are also recognised through performance related pay and bonuses.

Brierty is involved in diverse industry sectors providing our employees with the opportunity to move into different divisions to develop their knowledge and skills.

In essence, Brierty is a great company to work with. People are passionate and committed and there is a true sense of respect and loyalty that you would find in a close family.

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